Novo Nexus

Welcome to Novo Nexus. Novo Nexus is a free resource for content creators to get quality sponsorships. No fees or BS. No exclusivity. All deals done by humans. To get started, sign up via email. Follow the steps to take a survey and connect your accounts. If you're an Agency or Brand, feel free to contact us and we'll be in touch with you within 24 hours.

What is Novo Nexus?

Nexus is a dashboard for content creators that provides sponsorship opportunities at no cost to the creator. You sign up, tell Nexus what you're interested in, and over time we put you in front of over 200 brands we've partnered with. Everything is white glove and done by humans. We spent a long time vetting legitimate brands and continue to outbound every day to more.

Why We Built It

One of the biggest problems for small and medium creators is getting sponsored for your work. It turns out this isn't a problem of size but of identification & management. There are plenty of great brands who want to work with non super sized creators (5mil+ YTers, 30k viewer Twitch streamers, etc) but they can't spend the time to find them and agencies will only work with the big people because that's who they make money from. Nexus fixes this problem.

Who Should Sign Up

Every creator on any platform can sign up - but we'll do best right now with 500+ CCV Twitch, 20k+ sub Youtuber, and 10k+ Followers on other platforms and larger. You should absolutely sign up if you're smaller as there's no cost to you to do so.